7 8 10 Bar Dry Type Oil Free Screw Air Compressor Machine
7 8 10 Bar Dry Type Oil Free Screw Air Compressor Machine
7 8 10 Bar Dry Type Oil Free Screw Air Compressor Machine
7 8 10 Bar Dry Type Oil Free Screw Air Compressor Machine
7 8 10 Bar Dry Type Oil Free Screw Air Compressor Machine
7 8 10 Bar Dry Type Oil Free Screw Air Compressor Machine
US $3000-6000
Min. Order
1 piece

Item specifics

55-355 Kw
8-58.4 M3/Min



Dry Type Screw Air Compressor 7 8 10 Bar Popular Double Stage Dry Type Oil Free Screw Air Compressor Machine
1. Original Jinjing-RAND airend from Germany. 

2. 100% oil free air certified by Germany TUV.

3. Centrifugal Fan for better cooling effect. 

4. Stainless Steel Pipe.

5. Hydraulic Inlet Valve System.

6. Special venturi tube design to help reduce the noise down.

7. Double-layer structure to reduce he noise.

8. Air Cooling and Water cooling are available.

9. VSD control are available.

10.Touch Screen PLC with preset running schedule, more intelligent control.

Leading Technology:The durability of Jinjing Rand's two stage compression airend uses high performance rotors and durable bearings to ensure reliability. Stainless steel seals and the unique design of the labyrinth seals mean that this unique design is time tested, reliable and efficient.

Dry Oil Free Technology:Since the launch of the Jinjing oil free airend thousands have been produced and are in use worldwide. Typically oil free air is used in processes such as pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and electronic industries where high quality air is required.

Stainless Steel Rotors:Jinjing Rand pioneered the use of stainless steel rotors to ensure longevity and reliability.

Oil Free Airend - UltraCoat TM Super Coating:The surfaces of the oil free airend are coated with UltraCoat, a special coating which improves efficiency and extends the life of the stainless steel rotors. The strong coating adhesion and high temperature resistance ensures that there is no reduction in performance with age.

Outlet Size
DTS-0.75/550.75 9.2 552700*1500*19702600G-1/2"
DTS-0.85/550.85 9.1 
DTS-1.05/551.05 8.0 
DTS-0.75/750.75 12.5 752700*1500*19702800DN50
DTS-0.85/750.85 11.6 
DTS-1.05/751.05 10.8 
DTS-0.75/900.75 13.4 902700*1500*19703400DN50
DTS-0.85/900.85 13.4 
DTS-1.05/901.05 12.4 
DTS-0.75/1100.75 20.0 1102800*1800*18603400DN65
DTS-0.85/1100.85 18.7 
DTS-1.05/1101.05 16.5 
DTS-0.75/1320.75 23.6 1322800*1800*18603450DN65
DTS-0.85/1320.85 22.1 
DTS-1.05/1321.05 20.0 
DTS-0.75/1600.75 26.8 1602800*1800*18603550DN65
DTS-0.85/1600.85 25.5 
DTS-1.05/1601.05 23.5 
DTS-0.75/1850.75 29.7 1852800*1800*18603950DN65
DTS-0.85/1850.85 29.6 
DTS-1.05/1851.05 26.8 
DTS-0.75/2000.75 35.5 2003100*2150*22004500DN100
DTS-0.85/2000.85 33.3 
DTS-1.05/2001.05 29.9 
DTS-0.75/2200.75 36.0 2203100*2150*22005000DN100
DTS-0.85/2200.85 35.9 
DTS-1.05/2201.05 33.3 
DTS-0.75/2500.75 42.8 2503100*2150*22005200DN100
DTS-0.85/2500.85 42.7 
DTS-1.05/2501.05 38.3 
DTS-0.75/2800.75 46.7 2803400*2400*22006400DN100
DTS-0.85/2800.85 45.6 
DTS-1.05/2801.05 42.6 
DTS-0.75/3150.75 51.4 3153400*2400*22006400DN125
DTS-0.85/3150.85 51.2 
DTS-1.05/3151.05 46.5 
DTS-0.75/3550.75 58.4 3553400*2400*22006400DN125
DTS-0.85/3550.85 57.9 
DTS-1.05/3551.05 51.0