Jinjing Brand Oil Free Scroll Air Compressor
Jinjing Brand Oil Free Scroll Air Compressor
Jinjing Brand Oil Free Scroll Air Compressor
Jinjing Brand Oil Free Scroll Air Compressor
US $3000-5000
Min. Order
1 piece

Item specifics

2.2-37 Kw
0.25-4 M3/Min



Jinjing Brand Oil Free Scroll Air Compressor

1.High quanlity oil free compressed air.

2.High efficiency oil free scroll airend.

3.Low Energy Consumption,Low running,maintenance cost.

4.Aptitude and intelligent Control, integrated touch-screen PLC displayer.

5.Unique safe units make whole compressor more safety, more stable,lest noise,lest energy Loss.

6.Easy to install,operate,maintain.

High quality oil fee compressed air:
A high quality 74 Degree taper connection is used making a more reliable seal reducing the risk of air leakage. SCR's oil free scroll machine provides 100% oil free air and makes use of fully stainless steel pipework eliminating any possible contamination.

High Efficiency oil free scroll airend:
The compression chamber and lubricant system is 100% separated meaning there is no risk of oil contaminated air.

High Reliability:
The SS range use low noise, high pressure centrifugal fans which provides excellent air flow. The oversized cooler has spare capacity of between 20%-30% making the air outlet temperature only +10-15 degrees above the ambient tempera-ture. This reduces the burden of downstream equipment.

No Of Air EndDimension
Outlet Size
SS-0.75/2.20.75 0.25 2.21840*780*1066230Rc1/2"
SS-0.85/2.20.85 0.24 Rc1/2"
SS-1.05/2.21.05 0.22 Rc1/2"
SS-0.75/3.70.75 0.40 3.71840*780*1066230Rc1/2"
SS-0.85/3.70.85 0.39 Rc1/2"
SS-1.05/3.71.05 0.37 Rc1/2"
SS-0.75/5.50.75 0.51 5.52930*1200*1230360Rc1"
SS-0.85/5.50.85 0.48 Rc1"
SS-1.05/5.51.05 0.44 Rc1"
SS-0.75/7.50.75 0.80 7.52930*1200*1230360Rc1"
SS-0.85/7.50.85 0.78 Rc1"
SS-1.05/7.51.05 0.74 Rc1"
SS-0.75/110.75 1.20 1131400*910*1320500Rc1"
SS-0.85/110.85 1.17 Rc1"
SS-1.05/111.05 1.11 Rc1"
SS-0.75/150.75 1.60 1541930*1270*1340720Rc1"
SS-0.85/150.85 1.56 Rc1"
SS-1.05/151.05 1.47 Rc1"
SS-0.75/18.50.75 2.00 18.551930*1270*1340860Rc1"
SS-0.85/18.50.85 1.95 Rc1"
SS-1.05/18.51.05 1.84 Rc1"
SS-0.75/220.75 2.40 2261930*1270*1340900Rc1"
SS-0.85/220.85 2.34 Rc1"
SS-1.05/221.05 2.21 Rc1"
SS-0.75/300.75 3.20 3082030*1260*21001200Rc1-1/4"
SS-0.85/300.85 3.12 Rc1-1/4"
SS-1.05/301.05 2.95 Rc1-1/4"
SS-0.75/370.75 4.00 37102030*1260*21001420Rc1-1/2"
SS-0.85/370.85 3.89 Rc1-1/2"
SS-1.05/371.05 3.68 Rc1-1/2"