Dry oil-free screw air compressor

Dry oil-free screw air compressor


Dry oil-free screw air compressor

Dry oil-free screw air compressor
Dry oil-free screw air compressor

1. Dry bipolar air end

The air compression chamber is separated from the oil chamber, the wear-free sealing system of stainless-steel spring-loaded metal ring is adopted on the air side, and the wear-free sealing system with copper labyrinth seal is adopted on the lubricating oil side, and the two are not in contact;

The secondary rotor is made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant;

The rotor of the main engine and the inner wall of the compression chamber are coated with a solid super coating to prevent corrosion and coating falling off, to prolong the service life of the main engine;

The first stage casing of the main engine is directly cooled by air, and the filtered air is used in the casing compartment of the second stage main engine

The lubricating oil is cooled to avoid the generation of scale, and the operation is reliable.

2. Special motor for air compressor

Special motor for air compressor, imported brand bearing, protection grade IP54, insulation grade F, suitable for harsh environments such as large dust and high temperature;

Ie3 high energy efficiency motor, less power consumption and cost saving;

The motor is designed with large margin and large starting torque, which can meet various working conditions.

3. Coupling

Torsional elastic coupling has failure protection function, which can effectively damp and reduce vibration and impact during operation;

The elastomer is only under pressure and can bear greater load. The drum teeth of the elastomer can avoid stress concentration.

4. Electric control system

Intelligent control system with good man-machine interface;

Special program, with multi-channel pressure sensors and multi-channel temperature sensors, can comprehensively detect the operation state of the unit and automatically control the state of the machine without special supervision;

Emergency stop function: a press type emergency stop switch is installed at a prominent position of the unit, which can stop in time in case of emergency;

Configure the Internet of things, and the mobile phone can view the operation status of the unit;

Independent air duct design, suitable for a variety of working conditions.

5. Silent centrifugal fan

Centrifugal fan, new design of separated runoff cooling fan and special cooler are adopted to achieve better cooling effect;

Compared with axial flow fan, centrifugal fan has higher wind pressure, lower noise and more energy saving;

Variable speed fan control is adopted to keep the oil temperature constant and prolong the service life of lubricating oil;

Due to the high wind pressure, the cooler and filter screen are not easy to be blocked.

6. Three filters

Air filtration: the filtration area exceeds 150% of the normal requirements, with low inlet pressure loss and good energy efficiency;

Oil filter: full flow built-in pressure bearing oil filter suitable for oil-free working condition is adopted. The rated treatment capacity of the oil filter is ≥ 1.5 times of the circulating oil capacity. The imported filter material and large margin design scheme are selected, with high filtering accuracy and good durability;

Filter element of oil recovery device: high-quality filter material is selected, with high filtering precision and sufficient oil recovery.

7. Special valve for air compressor

Intake valve: hydraulic control normally closed butterfly valve is selected, with reliable hydraulic control, and automatic loading and unloading control can be realized through piston;

Temperature control valve (part): the unit is equipped with temperature control valve to ensure more convenient and stable operation of the unit under low temperature environment.

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