Oil Free Screw Blower Compresor De Aire 100HP Screw Compressor
Oil Free Screw Blower Compresor De Aire 100HP Screw Compressor
Oil Free Screw Blower Compresor De Aire 100HP Screw Compressor
Oil Free Screw Blower Compresor De Aire 100HP Screw Compressor
Oil Free Screw Blower Compresor De Aire 100HP Screw Compressor
Oil Free Screw Blower Compresor De Aire 100HP Screw Compressor
US $2500-7000
1 piece

Item specifics

15-200 Kw
6-100 M3/Min



Screw air blower belongs to displacement blower, it is widely used in sewage treatment, desulfurization and oxidation, pneumatic conveying, and other fields. In the aeration field, the screw air blower can automatically adjust its pressure according to the change of water depth, while maintaining a stable flow rate, which is suitable for medium&small air volume needs and harsh environment working conditions. With the characteristics of a wide working pressure adjustment range, strong dust resistance, high efficiency, stability that can start-stop frequently and high-cost performance, the screw air blower is the most economical blower for the reform of the Roots Blower.
Screw Compressor

The screw air blower adopts a dry-type twin-screw oil-free compressor airend, which is composed of a high-efficiency motor, gearbox, air intake filter, silencer, cooler and intelligent control system. It can realize local and remote control. The integrated box structure is convenient for installation and maintenance.

Blower Compresor

Intelligent Control

*Real-time obtain the operation information

*Monitor power consumption and loading/unloading characteristics

*Reset-able the parameters according to the demand of air management

*Display and view the preset status of each parameter

*Check history records and display maintenance warning

Outlet Size
SB-0.4/150.4 11.9152000*1110*1500DN150
SB-0.8/150.8 8.6 2000*1110*1500DN150
SB-1.2/151.2 6.0 2000*1110*1500DN150
SB-0.4/220.4 25.0 222750*1690*1800DN150
SB-0.6/220.6 18.0 2750*1690*1800DN150
SB-0.8/220.8 16.5 2750*1690*1800DN150
SB-0.4/300.4 31.5302750*1690*1800DN150
SB-0.8/300.8 22.5 2750*1690*1800DN150
SB-1.0/301.0 16.5 2750*1690*1800DN150
SB-0.4/370.4 40.0 372460*1340*1820DN200
SB-0.8/370.8 26.52460*1340*1820DN150
SB-1.2/371.2 19.0 2750*1690*1800DN150
SB-1.5/371.5 16.0 2750*1690*1800DN150
SB-0.4/450.4 48.5452750*1690*1800DN150
SB-0.8/450.8 31.52750*1690*1800DN150
SB-1.2/451.2 23.82750*1690*1800DN150
SB-1.5/451.5 20.5 2750*1690*1800DN150
SB-0.4/550.4 60.0 552750*1690*1800DN200
SB-0.8/550.8 40.0 2750*1690*1800DN200
SB-1.2/551.2 30.52750*1690*1800DN200
SB-1.5/551.5 25.5 2750*1690*1800DN200
SB-0.4/750.4 78.0 753100*1775*2200DN300
SB-0.8/750.8 56.0 3100*1775*2200DN200
SB-1.2/751.2 42.0 2750*1690*1800DN200
SB-1.5/751.5 32.0 2750*1690*1800DN200
SB-0.4/750.4 95.0 903100*1775*2200DN300
SB-0.8/750.8 67.0 3100*1775*2200DN300
SB-1.2/751.2 50.0 3100*1775*2200DN200
SB-1.5/751.5 43.0 3100*1775*2200DN300
SB-0.4/1100.4 108.0 1103100*1775*2200DN300
SB-0.8/1100.8 83.0 3100*1775*2200DN300
SB-1.0/1101.0 77.0 3100*1775*2200DN300
SB-1.2/1101.2 61.53100*1775*2200DN200
SB-1.5/1101.5 50.0 3100*1775*2200DN200
SB-0.8/1320.8 100.0 1323100*1775*2200DN300
SB-1.0/1321.0 89.0 3100*1775*2200DN300
SB-1.2/1321.2 76.0 3100*1775*2200DN300
SB-1.5/1321.5 60.0 3100*1775*2200DN200
SB-1.0/1601.0 100.0 1603100*1775*2200DN300
SB-1.2/1601.2 98.0 3100*1775*2200DN300
SB-1.5/1601.5 76.0 3100*1775*2200DN300
SB-1.5/1851.5 88.0 1853100*1775*2200DN300
SB-1.5/2001.5 98.0 2003100*1775*2200DN300