22KW 7-13bar Oil-Cooled Low Noise Screw Pm VSD Air Compressor
22KW 7-13bar Oil-Cooled Low Noise Screw Pm VSD Air Compressor
22KW 7-13bar Oil-Cooled Low Noise Screw Pm VSD Air Compressor
22KW 7-13bar Oil-Cooled Low Noise Screw Pm VSD Air Compressor
22KW 7-13bar Oil-Cooled Low Noise Screw Pm VSD Air Compressor
US $2000-4000
1 piece

Item specifics

7.5~75 Kw
7/8/10/13 Bar




1. China-Japan latest technology cooperation, high reliability.

2. Oil Cooling  Permanent Magnetic Motor.

3. IP65 protection grade & heavy-duty air filter, suitable for the high dusty environment. 

4. IE4 Efficiency motor efficiency.

5. Most energy-saving modes, Only work at loading.

6. Wide frequency range 25%-100%.

7. Premium Magnetic material resists more than 180ºC temp.

8. Reliable PM motor supplier from Italy.

9. Direct Taper connection, no transmission power loss, easy maintenance.

10. Touch Screen PLC with preset running schedule, more intelligent control.

11. Both the main motor and fan motor are inverter control, more accurate control.

12. Easy for installation and service.

Pm VSD Air Compressor

13. Fantastic Energy Saving, save up to more than 30-40%.

Pm VSD Air Compressor

Specially designed PM motor:

The PM motor efficiency is even higher than IE3 premium efficiency motors. The motor uses high-performance magnetic materials giving many advantages such as bearing-free operation, grease-free maintenance, direct 1:1 coupling without transmission losses, low noise, and low vibration leading to a compact structure.

Enhanced Energy Savings:

When demand is low the PM low-pressure compressor firstly reduces the speed to maintain the correct flow demand. If the air demand stops the compressor enters standby mode, saving further energy. The compressor automatically restarts and runs when the pressure drops below its setpoint.

The latest generation intelligent touchscreen controller:

SCR's latest touchscreen interface allows simple intelligent control for your compressor. Pressure and scheduling times can be easily programmed allowing you to automatically start and stop the compressor to match production times. Remote operation and real-time monitoring are built into the controller as standard.

Outlet Size
OCPV-0.7/7.50.7 1.20 7.5840*620*850400G3/4"
OCPV-0.8/7.50.8 1.10 
OCPV-1.0/7.51.0 0.95 
OCPV-1.3/7.51.3 0.80 
OCPV-0.7/110.7 1.70 111150*750*1020450G1"
OCPV-0.8/110.8 1.60 
OCPV-1.0/111.0 1.40 
OCPV-1.3/111.3 1.20 
OCPV-0.7/150.7 2.40 151150*750*1020500G1"
OCPV-0.8/150.8 2.20 
OCPV-1.0/151.0 2.00 
OCPV-1.3/151.3 1.70 
OCPV-0.7/220.7 3.80 221300*850*1140600Rp1 1/4"
OCPV-0.8/220.8 3.50 
OCPV-1.0/221.0 3.20 
OCPV-1.3/221.3 2.90 
OCPV-0.7/370.7 6.40 371500*950*1230800Rp1 1/2"
OCPV-0.8/370.8 6.10 
OCPV-1.0/371.0 5.70 
OCPV-1.3/371.3 5.00 
OCPV-0.7/450.7 8.00 451500*950*1230850Rp1 1/2"
OCPV-0.8/450.8 7.70 
OCPV-1.0/451.0 7.00 
OCPV-1.3/451.3 5.80 
OCPV-0.7/550.7 10.50 551500*1100*1450900DN50
OCPV-0.8/550.8 9.80 
OCPV-1.0/551.0 8.70 
OCPV-1.3/551.3 7.60 
OCPV-0.7/750.7 13.60 751500*1100*1450950DN50
OCPV-0.8/750.8 13.30 
OCPV-1.0/751.0 11.60 
OCPV-1.3/751.3 9.80