Power Frequency 350HP Rotary 3 Phase Direct Drive Fixed Speed Screw Air Compressor
Power Frequency 350HP Rotary 3 Phase Direct Drive Fixed Speed Screw Air Compressor
Power Frequency 350HP Rotary 3 Phase Direct Drive Fixed Speed Screw Air Compressor
Power Frequency 350HP Rotary 3 Phase Direct Drive Fixed Speed Screw Air Compressor
Power Frequency 350HP Rotary 3 Phase Direct Drive Fixed Speed Screw Air Compressor
Power Frequency 350HP Rotary 3 Phase Direct Drive Fixed Speed Screw Air Compressor
US $1500-5000
1 piece

Item specifics

7.5~355 Kw
0.86~60 M3/Min




The Jinjing Air Compressor is an exemplary product of advanced engineering and meticulous design. This state-of-the-art machine boasts of an exceptional efficiency rate of over 96%, regardless of the load it carries. This superior efficiency results in an energy saving of 38% more than an ordinary motor, making it an economically viable choice for businesses seeking to reduce their energy consumption.

The Jinjing Air Compressor utilizes a unique coaxial integration structure design. This innovative design eliminates the need for conventional transmission components such as belts, gears, and shaft couplings. The absence of these components ensures that there is no transmission loss, making the transmission efficiency of the Jinjing Air Compressor a perfect 100%. This feature sets it apart from its competitors, offering a level of performance that is unparalleled in the market.

Furthermore, the Jinjing Air Compressor is equipped with a Permanent Magnet Motor. Compared to motors of the same power, the Permanent Magnet Motor of the Jinjing Air Compressor is reduced in volume and weight by 30% and 35% respectively. This compact design allows for easy installation and maintenance, making it the perfect fit for businesses with limited space.

In addition to these exceptional features, the Jinjing Air Compressor also offers a range of benefits that further enhance its value. Its advanced technology and superior performance ensure a reliable, efficient, and long-lasting solution for compressed air needs. Its robust build quality guarantees a long service life, reducing the frequency of replacement and the associated costs.

The Jinjing Air Compressor's high efficiency and performance, coupled with its compact design and long service life, make it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes. Whether it's for a small workshop or a large industrial plant, the Jinjing Air Compressor offers a solution that is both cost-effective and highly efficient.

So, if you're in the market for a reliable, high-performing, and efficient air compressor, the Jinjing Air Compressor is the right choice. Its exceptional features and benefits, as well as its competitive pricing, make it a worthwhile investment for any business seeking to optimize their operations and reduce their energy consumption.

Screw Air Compressor

Oil Filter: Jinjing filters play an instrumental role in maintaining the longevity and optimal performance of your machinery. They have been meticulously designed and constructed to increase the working life of your equipment. This not only ensures smooth operation but also reduces maintenance time and cost, providing a cost-effective solution for your business.

Cooler: The cooler is a critical component of our product. It is manufactured from high-quality aluminum material, ensuring durability and robustness. The alternating expression cooler fins have been carefully designed to ensure the perfect radiating effect. This guarantees that the cooler can efficiently dissipate heat, even under high load conditions.

Air Filter: Our air filters boast a two-stage dust removal and filtering system. This sophisticated design allows them to perform at an efficiency of up to 99.9%, even in heavy-duty environments. This ensures that your machinery is protected from harmful particles, prolonging its lifespan and maintaining its performance.

Electric Motor: Our electric motors are built to last. These premium efficiency TEFC IP54/IP55 motors come with Class F insulation, offering protection against dust and chemicals. This ensures that they can operate reliably and efficiently, even in challenging conditions, making them an excellent choice for your business.

Stainless Steel Pipes: The pipes are made of stainless steel, known for its resistance to extreme temperatures and high pressure. This ensures that they can reliably transport fluids, even under demanding conditions. Their robustness and longevity make them an invaluable component of your system.

Compressed Air Vessel: This component is a crucial part of our system. It plays a vital role in reducing pressure drops and energy costs, while also ensuring the production of quality air with low oil content. By optimizing the flow of compressed air, this vessel helps maintain the efficiency of your operation.

Air End: The air end is the heart of our product. It features the original Germany Jinjing air end, utilizing advanced SAP profile design. The cutting-edge design ensures efficient air compression, leading to significant energy savings. This component's exceptional performance and reliability make it the ideal choice for your business.

Outlet Size
FSS-0.7/7.50.7 1.20 7.5815*700*855450G3/4"
FSS-0.8/7.50.8 1.10 
FSS-1.0/7.51.0 0.95 
FSS-1.3/7.51.3 0.80 
FSS-0.7/110.7 1.70 111000*750*1120500G1"
FSS-0.8/110.8 1.60 
FSS-1.0/111.0 1.40 
FSS-1.3/111.3 1.20 
FSS-0.7/150.7 2.40 15800*950*1100560G1"
FSS-0.8/150.8 2.20 
FSS-1.0/151.0 2.00 
FSS-1.3/151.3 1.70 
FSS-0.7/18.50.7 3.10 18.5900*1150*1260580Rp1-1/4"
FSS-0.8/18.50.8 2.90 
FSS-1.0/18.51.0 2.70 
FSS-1.3/18.51.3 2.20 
FSS-0.7/220.7 3.80 221014*800*1200620Rp1 1/4"
FSS-0.8/220.8 3.50 
FSS-1.0/221.0 3.20 
FSS-1.3/221.3 2.90 
FSS-0.7/300.7 5.20 30900*1150*1260980Rp1 1/4"
FSS-0.8/300.8 5.00 
FSS-1.0/301.0 4.30 
FSS-1.3/301.3 3.70 
FSS-0.7/370.7 6.40 371550*980*13601020Rp1 1/2"
FSS-0.8/370.8 6.10 
FSS-1.0/371.0 5.70 
FSS-1.3/371.3 5.00 
FSS-0.7/450.7 8.00 451680*1050*13951085Rp1 1/2"
FSS-0.8/450.8 7.70 
FSS-1.0/451.0 7.00 
FSS-1.3/451.3 5.80 
FSS-0.7/550.7 10.50 551800*1250*16002200Rp2"
FSS-0.8/550.8 9.80 
FSS-1.0/551.0 8.70 
FSS-1.3/551.3 7.60 
FSS-0.7/750.7 13.60 752020*1250*16502300Rp2"
FSS-0.8/750.8 13.30 
FSS-1.0/751.0 11.60 
FSS-1.3/751.3 9.80 
FSS-0.7/900.7 16.30 902020*1250*16502800Rp2"
FSS-0.8/900.8 16.00 
FSS-1.0/901.0 14.60 
FSS-1.3/901.3 12.30 
FSS-0.7/1100.7 20.30 1102500*1600*18004000DN65
FSS-0.8/1100.8 19.40 
FSS-1.0/1101.0 17.30 
FSS-1.3/1101.3 14.60 
FSS-0.7/1320.7 24.00 1322500*1600*18004500DN65
FSS-0.8/1320.8 23.00 
FSS-1.0/1321.0 20.00 
FSS-1.3/1321.3 18.00 
FSS-0.7/1600.7 28.00 1602500*1600*18004800DN65
FSS-0.8/1600.8 26.50 
FSS-1.0/1601.0 22.50 
FSS-1.3/1601.3 20.10 
FSS-0.7/1850.7 32.50 1852770*2050*22005200DN65
FSS-0.8/1850.8 31.00 
FSS-1.0/1851.0 28.00 
FSS-1.3/1851.3 25.10 
FSS-0.7/2000.7 35.00 2002850*1850*19505800DN80
FSS-0.8/2000.8 34.00 
FSS-1.0/2001.0 32.00 
FSS-1.3/2001.3 26.50 
FSS-0.7/2200.7 40.00 2202850*1850*19505900DN80
FSS-0.8/2200.8 36.80 
FSS-1.0/2201.0 32.20 
FSS-1.3/2201.3 28.50 
FSS-0.7/2500.7 43.50 2502850*1850*19506600DN100
FSS-0.8/2500.8 42.00 
FSS-1.0/2501.0 38.10 
FSS-1.3/2501.3 34.60 
FSS-0.7/3150.7 50.80 3155010*2210*21308000DN125
FSS-0.8/3150.8 48.20 
FSS-1.0/3151.0 42.60 
FSS-1.3/3151.3 39.80 
FSS-0.7/3550.7 60.00 3555200*2500*21308500DN125
FSS-0.8/3550.8 57.00 
FSS-1.0/3551.0 50.00 
FSS-1.3/3551.3 45.00